Why Do I Need A Business Website?

Why a Business Website?

I’m sure that if you have a business you have competition. And I’m sure when you think about the top dog in your area of business, you wonder, how do they stay so busy and get so many customers? They have a “tremendous visible online presence”.
I can assure you that the successful business that you admire or despise has a website and all the extras that go with it. Marketing, SEO, CRM, and a great-looking and well-functioning website.

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In the modern business world, very few people will find you, your services, or your products if you don’t have a visible online presence.
The old adage is still true, “It Takes Money To Make Money”. If you want your business to be successful, you first have to have something that others want or need, and then you need to let them know about it. Your business website can do that, it’s an investment, so invest in it and your business will grow.

If you’re only 70% sure you want your business to succeed and aren’t willing to invest in your company’s future, then don’t read past this notice.
If you’re 80% or more sure you want a successful business and want to invest in your business website, the #1 marketing source at your disposal… We want to talk to you.
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Marketing Your Website

In the old days of business in order to get customers, you had to run newspaper ads, maybe get an ad in the Yellow Pages (Business Phone Book). Send out mailers and hand out business cards, go door to door selling your services and products. If you had deep pockets, you ran ads on the radio and TV.
A few things have changed since then and marketing is one of those things. Marketing has become obtainable to all businesses big or small with just about any budget. The strategies have changed as well, and having an online presence is a key factor in today’s marketing business success.

Your Website Is Your Marketing Advantage!

Your website is usually the first place that people looking for services or products will find you, (Online). Make it count!
Your website is your marketing hub. All things in online marketing go back to your website.  
Social Ads, link to your website or landing pages. Online Ads link to your site. People using search browsers like Google, Bing, and others will use links going to your website.
This is where people come to find out more about you and your business, they use chatbots to converse with you, and they use forms on your site to sign-up for more information or to contact you. They can find your business phone number here and all the information they need to decide if your product or service is a good fit for them. This is your chance to shine, the customer’s first impression of your business. Your website is the best marketing tool you have.

Additional services for a successful business website

Web Hosting

Your web hosting is a very important part of making sure your website doesn’t have any problems and offers your site visitors a fast and reliable experience when viewing your site. No one likes a slow website. Having a slow site can and will result in customers leaving the site without getting the information they needed. 
A good hosting company will offer fast load times, reliability, and security. 
We use (SiteGround) for our website and many of our client’s sites. They are very fast, have their own security and optimization plugins, and are recommended by WordPress.


Having a professional business website with great content and structure is a start in the right direction. Now, people need to find that fantastic website.
SEO or Search Engine Optimization will help future customers find you in search results. Having the right SEO will help them find your company before your competitors.
You can find out more about SEO in our blog. (What Is SEO) CMVA has several other informative topics on SEO for you to read as well. (SEO Services)

CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management software has come a long way in the past few years and many people don’t even know what it is or how much it can help you gain and keep customers.
You can now manage every step or path your customers take from the minute they see your ads, come to your website, or contact you. Everything you need to manage your customers in one place.
Social media management, messaging, SMS text, Email Marketing, forms, surveys, workflows, funnels, and even websites and marketing landing pages. 

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You can add CRM elements to any website platform or use the website builder within the CRM platform. I know this sounds complicated and it can be but with a little time and learning, you’ll have a great working system in no time. If you want to just run your business, CMVA can configure and manage your CRM software for you. This is a business game changer and something businesses could use.

Read more about (CRM-Software).

Website Management

I know there are many DIY people that are very capable of building a website on their own.
CMVA has several DIY platforms that we recommend and manage for some of our clients.
Wix, Webflow, and ZoHo to name a few. For the WordPress people we recommend (Divi-Elegant Themes).

For those of you who would rather run your business and leave the heavy lifting to the pros, CMVA has several Managed Website plans.
From just a basic website design and build to full management with SEO, CRM, and Content updates.

 Please use the contact form below for more information from CMVA. Consultation is always FREE. We want to help you build a successful Business Website.

By, Twales: CMVA Content Manager.

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