Five Star Compost

Turning everyday waste into usable nutrient and microbial-rich compost.

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How does it work?

We deliver to you a "Five Star Compost" bucket with a compostable bag and lid. Just set the bucket out on your porch by 6 AM of the day of your scheduled pickup.

Put Food and Paper Waste in here.

How Much Does It Cost?

$15 dollars a month. Sign-up for 6 months and save at $75 or 12 months at $120. In return for every 20lbs. collected, you get 1lb. of finished compost back to use in your own garden or plants.

This is our Compost Worms doing their job

We use worms to help us create the best compost possible. Did you know that worm casting is some of the best natural fertilizers you can use for your plants?

What, You Use Worms?

That's Correct!  Worms create some of the best fertilizer around. We sell worm castings as well. You can find out more on our YouTube channel. Click Below.

Our Worm Poo Just For You.

Learn how to make worm casting tea from the fine folks at Five Star Compost.

Want to find out more?

Great! You can click that button below or just TEXT us at 804-391-4114. Good for the environment and good for you.

Five Star Compost

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