The Benefits of Compost

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Five Star Compost -What is EM-1®

A complete breakdown of the benefits of compost and the development, history, and use of microorganisms used to assist in composting.


The development of EM and compost

Pioneered by Dr. Teruo Higa at the University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa Japan.

“EM” stands for “Effective Microorganisms”.

EM-1® Is a liquid bacterial compound consisting of three microbial elements, Photosynthetic Bacteria, Yeast, and Lactic Acid Bacteria. 

(EM-1® is a registered trademark, “EM and Effective Microorganisms are either registered trademarks or trademarks of EM Research Organization, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.” )


Dr. Higa observed that Microbes that normally did not mix together in the wild could survive or co-exist in the experiment culture. He believes that to have success as humans in this technology we must learn from the microbes. If all the steps are followed to co-exist, share information, keep at a low cost, good quality, and safety, then prosperity and sustainability will follow. If not all the pieces will fall apart. This is also known as “Syntropy” a word or term used by Dr. Higa.

From the website “EMRO” – “The Law of Syntropy (Revitalization)”.

Quote from Dr. Teruo Higa

“So if something is comfortable as a result of being safe, then it is the first truth of nature.”

Dr. Teruo Higa developed EM-1® at the  University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa Japan after experiencing and observing adverse reactions to chemical fertilizers on himself and farmers using these chemicals on orange crops in Japan. He found these fertilizers unsafe and harmful to not only humans but to all life and the soils they are used on.

Using natural fertilizers like EM-1®, Worm Castings, Bokashi Composting, and a combination of all benefits your plants, soil, and quality of life. Safety and Sustainability.

EM Library YouTube Video

What are the benefits of using “Five Star Compost – Plant Food?”

Produced naturally and modeled from Dr. Higa’s research, the microorganisms in the “Five Star Plant Food” multiplies the diversity of the microbes to expedite the decomposition of nutrients and organic matter in the soil. This improves the soil, releases nutrients that benefit your plant’s health, and enhances water absorption. In other words, consistent use will yield healthy plants, trees, and better produce.

Five Star Compost - plant food in jars. A dark liquid natural fertilizer.

Five Star Compost Worm Castings

What are worm castings?
Worm castings are the results of earthworms (FSC-Uses “Red Worms” or “Red Wigglers”) digesting waste such as vegetables, paper, and food. This is also known as “Vermicomposting.” Worm Composting produces organic soil loaded with nutrients and beneficial microorganisms.

How does this benefit my garden and plants?
Before we answer that question you need to know that not all worm castings contain all the nutrients your soil needs. All worm castings can be beneficial but some more than others depending on what the worms are eating. Just like humans if you have a poor diet you have poor results, the same with worms. A good organic diet is the best.

Five Star Compost worms eat mostly food scraps and grains. The castings contain beneficial bacteria and fungi, opposed to harmful ‘Pathogenic bacteria.’ Good bacteria and fungi help break down soil into plant-available nutrients. This helps grow bigger and better plants naturally without the use of harmful chemicals.
(” If you put bad stuff into the ground and then into your body, you get bad results. Better soil, better life.”)

A Great Combination

Now you know that Five Star Compost has both “FSC-Plant Food” and “FSC-Worm Castings” available for use in your garden and potted plants but did you know you can combine both to make a ‘Tea Fertilizer’? Yep! the best of both in one. It’s like a garden tag team putting the smackdown on bad soil so you can have healthy and productive plants.

Tag Team wrestling GIF. Two wrestlers flipping another one over.

How can you help?

You can order a food and paper waste collection bucket from Five Star Compost. FSC will deliver to you a 5-gallon collection bucket with a compostable liner bag and lid. You fill it up with your food and paper scraps, leave it on your front porch, and FSC will come and collect it once a week. In return for every 20 lbs. of waste collected you get 1 pound of usable compost back to use to benefit your growing soil.
(Currently, this service is only available locally in Richmond, Va. area)

Check out the Five Star Compost YouTube channel below for informative videos on both worm casting tea and compost food waste collection service. Please Like and Subscribe!

For more information or to buy Five Star Compost products, please visit their website at or email them at You may also TEXT them at (804) 391-4114

By, Twales – CMVA Content Manager

Five Star Compost – YouTube

Five Star compost worm casting tea. Learn how to create a fantastic tea fertilizer for your garden. Boost growth and yield from your plants.

Five Star Compost food waste collection service will turn your food and paper waste into usable compost to use in your potted plants or garden.

Written by Twales

February 3, 2022

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