Ted Wales-Portfolio
Sessions College for Professional Design

I started Sessions College for Professional Design on January 7th, 2019, and Graduated with an Undergraduate Certificate in Web Design in April of 2020.
This is a portfolio of my work while attending Sessions and some of my work now as a Freelance Web Designer.

Photoshop 1

I will start with one of my favorite classes, “Photoshop”. When I first tried working with Photoshop before I attended Sessions, It was confusing and complicated. I didn’t understand even the basics. I would find tutorials and that helped a great deal, but I wanted my work to look more professional. After I attended the Photoshop 1 course, I have a great deal more understanding of the platform and my work has improved greatly. Not all of my work was great in the beginning, as a matter of fact, some were just awful but that’s how you learn. The critiques from other students and the instructor is a great help on improving your work.

Multiplicity image.


Multiplicity-2 image.


Airline photoshop image.

Qantas-Oz Airline


Key art, Chef in love.

Key Art Poster

Video box poster.
Old black and white photo. Laurel and Hardy.

Video box Poster

Colorized multiple black and white image elements for this project.

Design composition. Mostly Mozart poster.

Design Composition. Mostly Mozart. Photoshop.


Blending images in photoshop project. The redwoods and ocean.

Blending images

CMVA's banner for BottHeads. Cartoon character/robot, jamming out with speakers stacked behind it.

Chatbot Ad-Freelance 2020

CMVA Creative Ad. Man fishing in ocean from back of rowboat.

Freelance-Looking for Work 2018


Freelance gif ad-Photoshop

Freelance Motion Graphics. Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects-2020

Photoshop image manipulation. Moonshine Brothers.

Freelance-Photo manipulation Moonshine Brothers- 2019



As with Photoshop, I had basic skills with Illustrator before taking the course at Sessions. I currently use Illustrator and Photoshop a great deal in my freelance career. Enhancing images, logos, banners, creating web design mockups, site icons, and infographics just to name a few.

Wheelie the robot, CMVA mascot.


Wheelie the Robot. CMVA Mascot.


2D cartoon robot. Mini-Bot.



2d Cartoon robot. Mini-Bot.



Wheelie the robot, CMVA mascot.

Phone cover-Illustrator

Illustrator project, record album cover.

Record cover side-A-Illustrator

Illustrator project, record album cover.

Record cover side-B


2D phone cover art.

Phone cover


Design Comp. 2D Illustrator & Photoshop.


Design Comp. 2D Illustrator & Photoshop.


Design Comp. 2D Illustrator & Photoshop.



Design Comp. 2D Illustrator & Photoshop.



Illustrator Lollipop.


2D truck graphic illustrator.

Truck Graphics-Illustrator

Garden infographic.

Infographic for BootStrap site



The Following are links to websites created from my HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and BootStrap courses. I enjoyed these classes the most and use the knowledge I gained from these classes in my freelance career. With the use of website building platforms for WordPress, I don’t hard code websites as I did in 2017 before I started Sessions College. I do still use HTML and CSS in styling some of the sites I build in WordPress, and I use JavaScript snippets. I do still hard code landing pages for marketing purposes and find practicing my code skills is a must. Thanks, Piper!