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How to use the “Lighthouse Performance Scoring Checker”

Lighthouse is a free website performance checker that will give you information on how to improve your website Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, and SEO. “Want to know more about SEO?” “What is SEO? by CMVA”

To start, open your website in a Google Browser. Right-click on your site. An information menu will pop up, click “inspect” at the bottom.

Popup window to access google inspection tool.

A new window section will open at the bottom or right side of your screen depending on how you have your window setup. On the menu, click, “Lighthouse”.


Screenshot of google lighthouse menu.

You can use the blue checkboxes to indicate what categories to inspect and what device type.

I check all categories and first I check “Desktop”. If you want to check “Mobile”, just “X” out of the window when the report is done and inspect again. This time check “Mobile”.

Click the blue “Generate Report” button under the Lighthouse logo.

It may take a few seconds to generate the report. When finished your scores will appear.

Seo scores from google lighthouse.

You may then scroll down to view the report. The report will tell you what needs to be fixed and what needs improvements. Although after doing your basic SEO and adjusting your website’s performance, your scores will improve but may vary.  Advanced SEO will take your website beyond the scores set on this checker.

(The use of performance optimizers and certain plugins could interfere with the report.)

Although ‘Lighthouse’ is a great way to check your SEO scores and give you feedback on things you can do to improve your website’s scores, it may not give you accurate ‘Speed Performance Scores.’

When using ‘Site Optimization Plugins’ they can interfere with your site’s speed and performance scores, along with other plugins like ‘Messenger’ and Chat Services.

To get your website’s speed tested I would use several other site test services in conjunction with Lighthouse to get multiple stats. You may be surprised at the differences in scores.

Below are some links to other services that I recommend.

Pingdom Website Speed Test

GTmetrix Performance Testing

If you have more questions on SEO or want to hire an SEO Specialist, contact CMVA

For more tutorials on how to use “Lighthouse Tools Link

By, Twales. CMVA Content Manager.

Online Assessment Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay


Written by Twales

January 5, 2022

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