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Who out there has been contacted via email, phone, website contact form, or through your business profile/social feed by a so-called SEO expert or agency promising you that they can get you to the top of search page results overnight? Don’t fall for that SEO scam. Ask them a few questions first and see if they respond.

1. What company do you work for?
2. Do you have a website?
3. What plan do you have for my ranking results?
4. Where are you located?
5. Can you show me a results profile?

Most SEO scam agencies won’t return your email or they will just hang up the phone on you if you start asking questions. If they do respond don’t give them access to your website as an admin, they could hold your passwords and website to do what they please with it. Do your due diligence and check them out first, keep your information and website safe.

Do you need an SEO? Google Link: 

Allow SEO agencies access to your website as “Editor” in user roles if using WordPress, or create secure lower-level logins on other platforms. If you use “Yoast SEO Plugin”, you can allow “SEO manager and SEO editor” roles. Learn more here: Managing SEO Access-Yoast

Quote from, “Google Basic SEO”
“Remember, no agency can grant you top organic search positions. If someone does offer you this then it’s probably a scam.”

Google-How to hire an SEO Video

Good SEO takes time to see results, days, weeks, and sometimes months. Good content, structure, and planning are key. Yes, you can do basic SEO yourself but why not spend a bit extra, free up your time and do it right the first time. Hire a certified expert, after all, it’s your company and your reputation, you’re the boss.

By, Twales. CMVA Content Manager.

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Written by Twales

December 28, 2021

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Trogdon Enterprises is a Kitchen, Bathroom remodeling, House Painting, and Cabinet Refinishing Contractor service in Chesterfield, Virginia.

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