SEO Copywriting Examples

SEO Copywriting – What is it?

SEO Copywriting is just another tool in the SEO toolbox to bring a greater amount of inbound traffic to your site. Content Copywriting also helps search engines understand your website and gives your content a more authoritative ranking in search results if the information is relevant and useful.

(Search Engine Optimization)(SEO); “ is a step-by-step process to “Optimize” a website to bring more quality and quantity traffic to a website through “Search Results.” (See: What Is SEO)
This process for the most part is contained to the pages and content inside the pages. Headings, keywords, key phrases, and image descriptions or “ALT” for accessibility. Also, there’s metadata behind the pages that you can’t see but search bots and page crawlers do. All of these things help people find your website and its content. The next step up is content copywriting.

SEO Copywriting example

Let’s say you have a construction company. You specialize in ‘Home Renovations’. Relative content to your niche is key.
First, you would need the main topic page, let’s say…Home Renovation, after all, that is your business.
Next, you will need several other pages breaking down your main topic into more detailed subjects relative to the main topic:
What is Home Renovation?
Replacing your old windows.
Can I renovate my old deck?
Renovation Contractors – What to Know.
I think you get the idea now. This will give you relative, authoritative content.
And to keep traffic flowing and rankings in search results steady, you just need to keep that content fresh and up to date. Easy Peasy!

Don’t panic. This is where CMVA comes in handy by doing all this hard work for you. Below are a few of our SEO Copywriting examples. Some are just example posts and others are for actual clients.
Please contact us with further questions or to get a quote, it’s FREE.

Ocean Lakes entrance.

Ocean Lakes Family Campground-Review

Recently our “Camping Research Test Team”, AKA the owners of
“Your Camping Experience” went on an important mission. (Read More)

Image of capital building in Williamsburg, VA.

Top RV Camping Resorts Williamsburg VA

Top RV Camping Resorts Williamsburg VA.
Why does Williamsburg have some of the top RV and Camping Resorts around? It’s surrounded by fun…
(Read More)

Five Star Compost banner logo. Text with vegetables inside text.

The Benefits of Compost

The benefits of using Five Star Compost and products for your garden and plants.
(Read More)

Image of woman with finger to lips to keep quite. Social media logos around her.

Death by Social Media

Just one simple comment can send you and your business into the bottomless pit of “Cancel Culture”. Don’t be that Guy or Gal. (Read More)

Image of a farm field with the sun coming up.

The Farm Life

Many of you, including myself, go to the store, buy our food, clothes, and other products but, how many of you think about what it took to get these items we take for granted to the stores we shop at? Where do they come from?
(Read More)

image of old rusty car pulling a vintage travel trailer.

Travel Trailer Renovation

The Rustic Rusty Camper Travel Trailer Renovation When I was a kid back in the mid-’60s (“I know I’m old!”) I went on…
(Read More)

Proven Results from Copywriting and Web Stories

This graph is from our own website analytics report, 02/2022. From less than 5 users to almost 200 in a little over 1 week.
85.9% Organic Traffic. Free-No Ads.

Click image for expanded view

Image of analytics graph trending upwards from content copywriting results and web stories.
Image of wooden deck with pressure treated boards.

Spring Deck Season

Thinking about the warm days of spring? Well, most are after dealing with months of cold and snow.  (Read More)

Image of cars stranded on an interstate highway in the snow.

Winter Car Survival

There you are, driving on the interstate or backcountry road in the snow. The next thing you know the traffic comes to a stop, the roads ahead are closed, but for how long?
(Read More)

Image of the word SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO or “Serch Engine Optimization” is a step-by-step process to “Optimize” a website to bring more quality and quantity traffic to a website through “Search Results”.  (Read More)

Image of a lighthouse at night with its light on. SEO performance with lighthouse audit tool.

SEO Performance Score

You need to know what your website is lacking in SEO performance before you can start working to make it search-friendly. 
(Read More)

Image of a computer with a performance audit page atop.

Simple SEO Checker

Lighthouse is a free website performance checker that will give you information on how to improve your website Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, and SEO. “Want to know more about SEO?” “What is SEO? by CMVA”
(Read More)

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