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Trogdon Enterprises

Trogdon Enterprises LLC
Is a Zoho CRM/Website that needed a makeover and SEO.

Zoho CRM/Website Makeover

Jay Trogdon, owner of “Trogdon Enterprises” contacted CMVA and told me he wanted to rank higher in search results.
I immediately did a performance and search audit of his website. Conducting searches for his company, and services showed two very different results. Results for his company, Trogdon Enterprises, I had no problems finding the company at the top. Results for variations of his services, I found nothing until page 3 in search results.
I did a competitor check and found the problem. His Metadata Title and Descriptions said nothing about his services, only his company. He has several services, including Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling, Painting, and Cabinet Refinishing but no service pages or landing pages for these services.

Problem Solved

To remedy the problems, I did a facelift of the home page and a complete content restructure. Then, I created 3 service pages, one for each service Jay offers. Restructure and design all the other pages on the website. Full website “Search Optimization (SEO)” page by page. I made sure to also update his Google Business Profile. I added a Sitemap to the search console and monitored analytics. Conclusion; Jay’s site and services can be found now and his search rankings are trending upwards. Improved search rankings don’t happen overnight but you will see results within the first several weeks and good results within 90 days if the SEO work is done right, monitored, and adjusted if needed.
Image of a remodeled kitchen with brown hardwood Floors..
House painter with two paint buckets.
Information on Trogdon Enterprises.

Very fast and good results!

Jay Trogdon

Owner at , Trogdon Enterprises LLC