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With C&L Farm being a farm to table free-range farm, they needed a way to get their information out to potential customers. It’s not like having a storefront on a main street, they needed to be seen and NOTICED! CMVA built them a fairly simple WordPress website that represents their country style. Now they have a way to publish their cut sheet and general product information. Customers can get directions to their farm, make appointments, and download cut sheets. Check out C&L Farm for yourself and get some Farm Fresh Meats today.

C&L Farm Home page image. Picture of farm with Goats walking in field.

The C&L Farm Story

C & L Farm is a Rising Farm focusing on Free Range and Pasture Fed Animals.
Founded in September 2011, We started with one Goat named “Pumpkin” and now have increased to 250 Head, and have expanded into Sheep, Hogs, Beef, Rabbits, Chickens, Ducks.(Turkey’s are Seasonal). We also Process Game Animals as well.
Our animals are checked daily for any Injuries or Sickness, Not to mention the Play Time they receive from Us and Children from all over.
Our Animals are raised with Love and Care, that are Free Ranged and Pasture Fed for a much Sweeter and Fresher Taste.
Or maybe you might like one of our Animals as a Pet, We have them too.
Give us a call or stop by, We enjoy meeting new people and watching the children play with the animals.
Like us on Facebook @CLFarm.

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The personal, professional and quality service you get. I can’t say enough about the great work they do. Ted does a wonderful job.

Carolynne Vann Toth

Lathen & Carolynne Vann Toth Owners Of C&L Farm