HMS Surprise Stained Glass


HMS Surprise-Tall Ship-Stained Glass Art by, Twales.

  • HMS Surprise
  • Nautical Stained Glass Art
  • Artist: Twales
  • Size: 20″x 28″
  • Over 240 cut-glass Pieces
  • Over 50 Hours Work
  • Soldered Brass Frame
  • Copper Wire Details
  • Bright Copper Patina
  • Shipping Cost $100.00


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Twales, is a stained glass artist and designer. This stained glass art piece was modeled after the sailing ship in the movie, "Master and Commander". The work is very detailed with over 240 hand-cut glass pieces, copper wire as rope and ladders, and over 50 hours of work. This work of art is one of a kind and will not be reproduced by the artist. This will be the only one and will be signed on the back. Shipping costs will be paid by the purchaser ($100.00). The artist will build a custom crate for shipping to ensure no breakage of glass. You may call the artist to discuss shipping details or ask further questions about the art at, (804-777-9241). Twales also creates custom stained glass works as well. Size: 20"x 28". Soldered brass frame is on the art but a custom wood frame can be added at an additional cost.


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