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“Getting Noticed”

If you have a  Business, Brand, or Talent, getting noticed is what puts people in seats, customers at your store, Media shining the spotlight on you or your talent, products to flow, and construction needs to be met.
You don’t need to be a fortune 500 company to have Marketing needs. If your the owner of a Small Restaurant in a location no one knows about, you need Marketing. If your that struggling, Band, or Talent that no one sees, you need Marketing. If you own a Construction Company and have no homes or businesses to build, you need Marketing.
We want to help you get “NOTICED” with CMVA. 

If you just need a one month Push with Social Media or a full-on Marketing Campaign with your own Website targeting Search Engines and Social Media, a full Facebook Business page makeover, and Management, We can do it.
Branding, Logos, Creative Ads, Photography, Video, Poster and Print Creatives, Web Design, We can get the Job Done and done right.

No matter what budget you have to work with, we can work on a plan that fits your needs. Give us a call today at (804-777-9241) or contact us through our “chat assistant” or the “contact us” button below. We look forward to working with you.

FYI, SEO in 2021 has changed! you no longer need a long list of expensive SEO plugins you just need good SEO content. Many if not all web browsers by now have the capability to crawl and read your page to detect metadata for titles and content. The days of filling your pages with keywords in your meta descriptions are and will be in the past. Having good content for search engines to read is key in getting noticed. We can help you make sure your page structure and content are optimized to get you or your company NOTICED! Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Chatbot Assistants

Sometimes you just need to Chat. We configure and build smart Messenger chatbot assistants. We use ManyChat as our platform to build chatbots that take messages, answer questions, give quotes, and book appointments. This platform works on Facebook Messenger (connected to your FB Business Page), SMS Text, and Email.

Take food orders, show clients your MLS Real Estate listings, connect your Google Calendar for appointments, Google Sheets to collect data, sell products from your e-commerce site, Lead Generator, connect to third-party apps like Amazon, MailChimp, Slack, and Gmail just to name a few. The potential use of a chat assistant is endless.

Want to know more? Just click the Lightning Bolt icon, lower right of this page and let’s chat. You can also click on the ManyChat banner below to get your own account and manage it yourself or have us configure and manage it for you. We are BottHeads, Don’t you want to be a BottHead too? (804-777-9241)

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Try out our Digital Business Card created with ManyChat.
No more paper cards to carry around, just open your smartphone and let your potential client scan the QR Code. Super Easy. Give it a try and let us create one for you.

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