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What is a CRM?

I’m sure you’ve heard the acronym “CRM” tossed around if you do marketing and sales online or have a marketing agency. It stands for “Customer Relationship Management” and it’s something most business owners and agencies don’t have.

A CRM is a software platform to help you manage how you interact with your customers and simplify the process.

The Old Way: You want customers or clients, so you spend time on social networks running ads, create email campaigns to let customers know about you or your product, and place forms on your website to get leads and contact information. Contact customers one by one via Messenger or SMS text, and create links on your website and social media to attract more customers. Track customers on social and analytics platforms, create chat or conversation widgets, the list goes on and on in one large vicious circle.

All of the above I bet you are doing on different platforms and paying for each one. And if you have a team involved, that just adds to the confusion. Who does what for whom and when?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could manage most of this from one place and assign customers that come through a funnel or pipeline to the team member that’s best suited for the job? Well, you can.

The New Way: Forms, Email Marketing, Live Chat integration with Messenger and SMS Text. Social Media management, analytics tracking, social ads management, ROI, Funnel, and Pipeline building flexibility. Team Management, All in one place.


CMVA CRM Management

CMVA can set up, configure, and manage a CRM Platform for your business. Increase sales, leads, and clients.
Want to do it yourself?
The GoHighLevel platform is what we use and manage for our customers and our own business as well. Please use the link below to find out more information about GoHighLevel.

What you choose will depend on what type of business you have and the size. You may only need a marketing service or help with sales. You may want to sell your services as an agency with multiple clients, or just a singular business looking to sell more products or gain more customers. Contact CMVA and we can help guide you in the right direction. CRM Consulting is always FREE.

Our Top Choice

GoHighLevel CRM is our top choice for the number of services you get in this CRM for the price. It truly has everything you need in one platform. Workflows, Funnels, SMS Text, Email, Forms, Surveys, Website, and landing Page Builder, Social integrations, live chat in Messenger, and so much more.
This platform is simple and easy to use and understand. It’s great for just one business or small agency up to a large sales or marketing agency.

Highlevel PDF on 5 ways highlevel will improve your clients marketing. Click to view PDF.

5 ways HighLevel improves client marketing. Link to PDF.

A quick Demo Video example from Highlevel of a Claim/Booking Campaign for a Dentist. 

Click the image below to get all the information you need to start using GoHighLevel.

Go High Level infographic ad. CMVA Chesterfield, VA. Richmond, VA.

CRM Infographic

Below is an Infographic created by CMVA to demonstrate the Workflow-Funnel of a CRM.
This workflow was created for one of our clients who sells Goldendoodle Puppys. This same strategy can and will work for multiple businesses and can be adjusted to fit your needs. Workflows can be created for products or services. Anything from Dogs to Doctors.

CRM Infographics by CMVA.
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